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A Diverse Workforce

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The CEFN is dedicated to helping Calgary Business recruit and include employees with disabilities.

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Calgary Alternative Support Services Inc.

Calgary Alternative Support Services Inc., (CASS) was founded in 1988 to address the segregation, isolation and limited opportunities available to people with
disabilities. CASS enlists and develops human services professionals to support people to discover and contribute their unique strengths and talents. Our work is about making
community connections. Whether it’s finding a place to live, getting a job, or connecting with opportunities for participation and learning, CASS serves people and helps to make the community accessible to everyone.

Through the opportunities and connections that CASS facilitates, citizen advocacy for diversity and inclusion is inspired. This is how CASS and the people we support strengthen community.


Columbia College

Employment Services includes employment preparation, employment placement, and employment sustainment supports for each Individual interested in securing and maintaining paid employment in their field of interest. To qualify as paid employment, an employer/employee relationship must exist and the Alberta Employment Standards Code applies. 
Individuals who enter Employment Services will be focused on securing competitive independent employment. Historically, once the three month probation is secured, participants accessing service have experienced over 80% retention in their chosen field of work. Employment Services are designed to accommodate the unique occupational interests of each student. As such, employment options are numerous. Upon securing paid employment, CSSD staff will provide on-site follow-up support for the Individual and their employer to facilitate employment success. The level of support is based on individual and employer needs.
If you are looking for motivated individuals who come equipped to work, please contact Columbia College’s CSSD Employment Services at michael.campbell@columbia.ca

Gateway Association

The Gateway Calgary Employment Resource Centre serves job seekers and employers equally to build strong, diverse talent pools and a sustainable workforce. Whether you’re seeking a career that uses your talents and passion – or an employer seeking to build workplace diversity, inclusion and performance, Gateway offers the expertise and resources required.

Goodwill Industries of Alberta

Goodwill Industries of Alberta is a local non-profit and social enterprise who's mission is to support Albertans with disabilities find and gain meaningful employment.

The Integrated Post Secondary Education Society of Alberta (IPSE)

The Integrated Post Secondary Education Society of Alberta is a non-profit organization supporting adults with developmental disabilities in their post-secondary education and employment journeys. We work together with individuals and their families to plan learning goals, practice employment skills and attain meaningful employment, and develop communities of support to build successful and independent lives.

New Heights

New Heights is not just a school, but is a community dedicated to pioneering a bright future for individuals on the autism spectrum to live independent, confident, and purposeful lives. We offer a unique approach to learning and holistically support students through our Transition to Adulthood, Home and Community Support, Work Experience and Employment Programs. We fill in the gap in services by continuing to provide support for our students well into adulthood.

Our Employment Program is an individualized program that connects inclusive employers with outstanding candidates seeking paid employment from our student and new-graduate population. Our students are well prepared for employment by attending Job Preparation classes during class time and by volunteering their time in the community during Work Experience. The valuable, transferrable employment skills learned during their time in school help them to become successful and fulfilled employees.


The Progressive Alternatives Society of Calgary (PASC)

The Progressive Alternatives Society of Calgary (PASC) is a not-for-profit organization in Calgary, Alberta that connects persons with developmental disabilities with community engagement and supported employment opportunities. PASC provides 3 interconnected services for participants: secure and retain competitive & gainful employment, access professional and community resources for financial and personal needs, and achieve engaging and satisfying lives in the community through opportunities to contribute, learn and pursue personal interests.


At Prospect, building a strong workforce for a strong Alberta is our No. 1 job. We help people get to work and employers build diverse workforces. Our programs and services are free to any Albertan seeking to break through the barriers that prevent them from finding meaningful work and include a wide range of teaching modalities to meet people’s different learning preferences.

Our services include tailored programming for youth, seniors, people changing industries, recent immigrants, veterans, first responders, persons with disabilities, and everyday Albertans who feel that the job search process has become daunting.


The Sinneave Family Foundation (Sinneave)

The Sinneave Family Foundation (Sinneave) is an operating foundation based in Calgary, Alberta that works with individuals, communities, and organizations to improve education, employment, and housing outcomes for autistic youth and adults, with a vision that they thrive in their communities and realize their desired futures.


Vecova is a Calgary-based organization focused on social innovation, social impact and inclusion.  Since 1969, our nationally renowned and award-winning centre has worked to meet the lifelong and changing needs of persons with disabilities through programs, services, research and social enterprises.  Our breadth of programs includes employment and vocational programs, housing and living supports, mental health services, and aquatics, health and fitness services.  A strong government and community partner for over 50 years, Vecova is poised to grow its impact as it continues to lead in delivery of disability programming.
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CEFN’s Mission is to assist employers to increase workplace diversity and inclusion.

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CEFN’s Mission is to assist employers to increase workplace diversity and inclusion.